Before I start, I would like to say‚Ķ No guitars allowed! You have found the Uke Boogie hiding place, here you shall find show dates, live recordings and general Uke Boogie related rantings.

What is Uke Boogie?
An open stage for diversity in music, culture and creativity. There is an emphasis on Ukulele but we always love to see something new at Uke Boogie and welcome every kind of musical act (except guitar, as we try to encourage slightly more unusual instruments)

All skill levels are welcome too, whether you're a seasoned performer, a hobby musician or you've just started learning a new instrument andwould like to try it out on an audience, you will always find a welcoming and supportive atmosphere at Uke Boogie.
Audience participation is also a big part of the show. We all join in for group singsongs throughout the night, we don't always hit the notes but we have fun pretending to try.

Uke Boogie is popping up all over the place as either one off shows, or regular events. Keep your ears peeled, you may just find one near you!



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